The Emergence of the Invisible Writer


One simple word.

This month I have looked back over my previous blogs to see what has happened over the last five months. Wow. I’m glad I did this. You see I’ve been so busy wrapped up in what I have to do next, I’ve not had time to look at my journey.

Five months ago I was invisible, and scared about the future, but knew I needed to make a change. From that point, when I made the year’s theme ‘Spotlight’ I have grafted my butt off, staying up into the early hours working, sending myself boggle-eyed. The result has been over eight hundred book sales in two months and a massive learning curve.

At the start I had book covers and photos for teasers to buy etc. These cost me £105 in total. Add to that copies of books for giveaways, postage (often overseas), bookmarks and wine charms made for promotion and, well, the £170 profit made through writing has just covered the costs. However I viewed this as a start-up business and as such it has running costs.  I also had the aim to get my words read by others. This wasn’t about money. I now have 1500 Facebook followers and a steady portion of those tune in to see what I’m up to and chat. I love it. In the last couple of weeks I’ve also formed a little team, people who have volunteered to help me promote myself, because this has become bigger than I could have imagined in this short space of time and I can’t do this alone.

I found out last week that one writer I know has sold seventy thousand books between October and now. I cannot imagine that. It may never happen for me. I do know though that my total dream (and I know that of any author) is to be able to write for a living. My son has a list in his notebook:

1 – mum becomes an author

2 – I get a dog

3 – I get an iPhone.

That would be the ultimate dream; to be able to write and have the dog we currently don’t have time for and would love.  However that could only come from a huge change in sales.

So for now, instead of dreaming about what could be.  I’m going to focus on what is. I’m surrounded by an amazing group of people and I’m loving every minute. I’ll continue to work my butt off and we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, through all this, something else has come to my attention. Some of my friends never post a like or a comment about my writing posts. That makes me sad. If something is going really well for others I’m the first to be there saying well done. This month is about ignoring this and carrying on my journey, because:


See you next month.



Andie M Long is a writer with several published short stories and poems. She is currently editing book two and writing book three. Feel free to connect and contact her on: TwitterFacebook and her personal blog.

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