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What a Release …

Do you remember this time last month? I was petrified. Would people want to buy my novella? Would it be given the time of day, be slated, or even worse ignored?

On Sunday 13 April I released The Alphabet Game – Part One: A to E. On Sunday this happened.


I was stunned and thanks to a new and improved KDP sales report, I was able to see that in those first few days I had sold over two hundred ebooks and several paperbacks. I had no idea how good or poor that was in the scheme of things so I asked an established Indie author friend of mine, who told me that most Indie authors are lucky to sell that amount in a year. As you can imagine this was a dream come true. The ebook has continued to sell steadily and I’m now closer to the 350 mark.

I’ve been supported in this venture not only by Facebook friends who have shared pics for me, but by an ever-expanding group of bloggers, who will either read and review or will post teasers (little bits of the book/quotes/pics etc) on their pages. My average for the book is still 4.2/5 and it now has in advance of 70 reviews on Goodreads.

So I’m about to do it all again. Part two is out this Friday 16 May. I have no idea how it will sell, because I suppose a lot of it depends on how many have read the first part. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes at the moment, and a lot of late nights as I get documents ready publishing, teasers and pre-release info ready for the bloggers. I don’t feel scared this time though, I feel calm. The advanced reader group have currently rated it 4.33/5 and I have a number of readers telling me they can’t wait for Friday. There’s getting to be a little community on my author page, the same people liking statuses and conversing and I love it, love that my words mean something to someone else too. I now have over 650 followers.

I also received my first writing payment this month. Prior to the release of the novel I sold a short story to an Ebook imprint called Cracked Eye.

I really do feel at this moment in time that there has been a shift in focus towards the emergence part of the title of my blog. We’ll see if it continues. In the meantime …




Andie M Long is a writer with several published short stories and poems. She is currently editing book two and writing book three. Feel free to connect and contact her on: TwitterFacebook and her personal blog.

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