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Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide …

These are scary times.  As you are reading this, my novella is out.  Out in the e-universe for all to read, to like and to erm, loathe.

Reading my last blog entry back I cannot believe the change that has occurred in one month.  I’ve DOUBLED my followers since and met some lovely bloggers and readers. When launching a book you want a feel for how it’s going to be received, so along with sending a few copies out to bloggers, I approached a group on Goodreads and offered an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) for fifty people who could read within the next four weeks and post a review. At the time of writing I have had forty-three ratings and thirty-six reviews and my average score is 4.02 out of 5. I should be ecstatic right? The means I’ve done well, yes? My confidence level still hovers around the ankles. Someone didn’t like it.  Someone gave it one star and filed it on their virtual bookshelf ‘WTF is this BS?’

I now realise that to be a published author you have to leave your feelings at the pages you’ve written and toughen up when it comes to those reviews because boy do folks have opinions and they’re not afraid to use them! However there is nothing as beautiful as reading that someone has loved your work, nothing, and in the case of one particular reviewer she wrote how she felt about the book and to me it was spot on. She totally got my writing. I smile very widely when I read positive reviews. I may stop reading negative ones.  It wasn’t for them – The End.

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So, onto the book. It’s a novella of 22k. Some people loathe novellas and loathe cliffhangers – and yes, mine has one! However, I’ve written two full length novels that are in the process of being edited for publication and as a writer I needed a change. The novellas give me a chance to showcase my work and the separate four parts mean I can tease the reader in between. That’s deliberate. Just like the season finale of a show that has you go ‘noooo,’ where you have to wait, I’m making you wait a month between parts. It’s called ‘delayed gratification’. I will possibly do a copy of the book in its entirety in the future, but I do recommend you come along for the novella ride. It’s a tease, that’s the point and it’s written for that purpose. For readers who believe it’s a way of making more money from you, I’ll actually make less. On low priced books the royalty rate is 30% and that’s before tax, so a 99p ebook is going to give me a profit of around 23p. I’m not looking to retire anytime soon.

So here I go.  It’s out, and when I see you again I could have sold two copies to my friends and be sobbing into my pillow or I could be getting my writer voice out there and be firmly out from under invisibility cloak. We might have to change the blog name. Or then again I may just run right back underneath the cloak. See you next month …

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The Alphabet Game, Part One: A to E by Andie M. Long is available via Amazon from 13 April 2014. 



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