The Emergence of the Invisible Writer

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Hello again. Well it’s been a whole month since last we chatted, when I suggested everyone went and made themselves a Facebook author page. Did you? I did:

Firstly, I sent out requests to my family and friends. I got stuck somewhere around the 80 likes mark. The numbers carried on drifting up slowly to 94, at which point I appealed to family and friends to share with an aim to cross the 100 barrier. With the help of a couple of bloggers (more on that sometime later), I’m currently at 122.

Now at the side of Jamie McGuire, author of the brilliant Beautiful Disaster who has just celebrated passing 100,000 fans, this is miniscule. However to me, as a ‘start-up author’ with no product yet to purchase, I thank every one of those 122 people from the bottom of my heart; because they believe I CAN DO THIS!!!

With my new and improved self-belief, I have also purchased the domain, so I have it for future.

I used to work for a well known lingerie company who specialise in battery powered rabbits ;). Whenever I entered into conversation with anyone new, it was my talent to steer ANY conversation, “you had sausages for dinner, well ….”, to my part-time employment. I was a super seller and paid off a large amount of house negative equity in a short space of time. So I got to thinking, Andrea honey, you need to get yourself out there, rejections or not.

So I’ve started introducing myself as a writer and I’m starting to chat to bloggers and other authors, although I still feel like an imposter. These things take time. I need to wear this new outfit for a while to get used to it: the invisibility cloak has been there a long time.

I’ve also decided to self publish. A third, ‘nearly but not quite’ rejection from an agent landed and I decided that I was fed up of preparing submissions that take at least an hour of my time, in order for one person to eventually read after 6-8 weeks and say ‘no.’ I could spend that valuable time writing. My novella, The Alphabet Game is currently being prepared for upload and I’m hoping that come approx 13 April I’ll be a published novella author. I’ll then decide how to proceed with the two full length novels.

Next month I’ll let you in on the process and progress.

This month’s task is for you to go and make friends with like-minded people; fellow authors about to publish, bloggers, book clubs etc. Settle yourself in as one of the crowd, you belong there.



Image from Pinterest 2014.

By the way, The Alphabet Game is an erotic novella.  A rabbit hasn’t featured yet, but you never know …

You can help!!!

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Andie M Long is a writer with several published short stories and poems. She is currently editing book two and writing book three. Feel free to connect and contact her on: TwitterFacebook and her personal blog.


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