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*****STOP PRESS – SUBMISSIONS CLOSED UNTIL RELAUNCH IN 2016 ***** Hello Word Bohemians, We have some exciting news, we will be relaunching the site next year! This will bring a different focus for Word Bohemia, which are looking forward to sharing with you. Until then we have decided to close the website for submissions, however, we will publish the backlog of successful submissions which have been submitted in the last few months. We will announce

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Bowl-head by Miki Byrne

Most of that day is blurred. Shimmers in and out like an old film, stuck in the projector until it blurs in disintegration. Having her haircut sticks; A small turret room. Straight-backed chair. Queue of new girls twisting down spiral stairs. Gingham dresses segmenting the line. In coloured, caterpillar slices. She sits, tresses bottom-length. Shining. Never cut before, except for fine ends that feathered like fledglings wings. Shiny-shoed feet swung

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A Summer Nativity: Vancouver, 1977 by P.W. Bridgman

Imogen had always been slender and slight, one of those willowy women who carry their babies low.  She carried hers like a honeydew: smallish, well-contained and apparently fastened in a temporary way to her abdomen.  Her peasant blouses from Guatemala—much admired in 1977—accommodated themselves easily to this new, anatomical feature.  Imogen’s gait had turned a little comical, a little wide-based and gliding, and this had led Dariusz to tease her sometimes, but gently.  He had noticed, too, that Imogen’s breasts had become firmer, but very little larger.  This suited him.  He couldn’t imagine how they could be improved. Dariusz and Imogen had long since relinquished any thought of having children.  “Barren” was the word the gynaecologist had used in his meeting with the couple in 1957.  They huddled together in

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Our mission is to publish vibrant and fresh writing, maybe a little unconventional, experimental, maybe an interesting blend of genres or media. Whatever your key ingredients are, make sure you move and surprise us.

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